Keep your lashes and brows on point all year round. Shape, brush, trim, cut, curl, tweeze, perm, dye, wax, lengthen, enhance, lighten, darken, thicken – we do it all.

Lash Lift

Lash Lifts enhances your natural lash shape by curling and lifting, giving the appearance of longer lashes, no matter what your original length. Add a Lash Tint to further enhance the length and depth with colour from root to tip.

Benefits of a Lash Lifts…

  • Silicon Rods allow perfect positioning of Lashes
  • Lifts lashes from the roots
  • Reduces over-curling of lashes
  • Creates the illusion of longer lashes
  • Suitable for short or long lashes
  • A great alternative to lash extensions

Lash Lift

Patch Test – $15
This is a compulsory, one-off, 1st time allergy test, for all first time clients

Lash Lift – $70
Lash Lift & Lash tint – $80

Full Package – $115
Includes: Lash Lift, Lash Tint, Brow Shape, Brow Tint

Brow (Lift) Lamination

Brow lift is used to “set” your brow hairs to a desired shape, holding this look for up to 4-8 weeks.

A Lift can give a fluffier, fuller brow shape, or to correct curly hair to straight or fill out a flattened Cowlick brow. This will change your hair direction to where ever you wanted to go.

Add to this a hybrid tint at the time of treatment to enhance the colour and depth for even longer.

Brow Lamination

Brow Lift (1st treatment) 1 hour – $85
includes mapping brow shape, lift treatment, take-home treatment oil & hybrid tint brow colour

Add brow shape – $15
Once off patch test – $10 (first time)

Standard Brow Lift 45 mins – $60
Add hybrid dye – $20
Add brow shape – $15

Hybrid Brows

A Hybrid Brow Dye is an ideal colour treatment for clients with sparse eyebrows and for those who prefer a demi-permanent colour alternative to eyebrow tattooing.

Hybrid Brows

Hybrid Brow Dye – $40
Hybrid Brow Dye & Brow shape – $60


Lash & Brow Tinting is a colour service that uses semi-permanent vegetable dye to enhance the appearance of colour shape and thickness.

Results vary, lasting 3-6 weeks.


Eyelash Tint – $25
Eyebrow Tint – $15
Eyebrow Shape – $25

Essential Eye Package

  • Lash tint, Brow tint, Brow shape – $60
  • with Hybrid Dye – $80