Cosmetic Tattooing

Why do I need a brow tattoo consultation first?

At your initial consultation we will assess your brows for the best procedure, discuss your current concerns and your desired shape.

At this point, all the necessary documentation to approve go-ahead (for your health AND safety regulations) will be completed.

Your initial consultation must be a minimum of 3 days prior to your procedure.

What is the procedure and aftercare process?

Procedure Day
Arrive to the appointment with anesthetic creme applied.
We measure, map and finalise shape, style and colour, then go ahead with your new brows.

Please note: We do not shave or remove all of your natural brows. Keeping your natural hairs will help blend feather/ hair-strokes and shading, more naturally).

Aftercare & Top up
Your aftercare whilst healing is very important. So as to achieve the best results, we provide you with an Aftercare Kit, with strict guidelines to follow.
We recommend a top up visit 6-16 weeks after your procedure, so as we can re-touch and build up colour pigment as required. Some people may require more than one top up as everyone heals and holds colours differently.

Once satisfied, your completed procedure should last 1-3 years.

What is the healing process?

You may be a little red/swollen immediately after, however this will dissipate quickly.

We ask that you avoid ALL swimming, spa, sauna, sunbathing etc and heavy sweating exercise for approx 1 week so as to achieve the best healing results.

Over the first 1-2 weeks, as they dry and heal, your brows will flake off a portion of the colour.

This is a normal part of the healing process and is the reason why a top up 3-6 weeks after your procedure, is so important.

Will it hurt to tattoo my brows?

You will be surprised that it actually isn’t as painful as you think!
It can be a little uncomfortable but definitely bearable with the use of topical anesthetic numbing cremes.