Make your nails shine with our Nail Enhancement Services. Offering soft & hard versions of Gel Polish, and Fusion Gel (a Hard Gel/Acrylic Combo). Can be used on natural nails or extended to add length.

Gel Polish

From $45

Some call it soak-off gel, or Shellac, or gel. They’re all nearly right.
Either way, Gel Polish has revolutionised the world of painting Nails by being hard-wearing, instantly-drying & maintains high shine for up to 4 weeks. Gel Polish is refilled or renewed every 2-4 weeks by soaking/buffing off for a fresh look every time. We use the new technology of a Building Gel for extra strength & longevity, far beyond any gel polish of the past.

Many Acrylic & SNS clients are already making the change to gel due to…

*the strength and durability of the gel product
*less wear and tear on your natural nails
*the ability to use nail strengthening treatment in conjunction with Gel nails
*the use of LED lights to cure the Gel, NOT UV lights
*a lighter more natural finish without all the chemicals

Initial Application  $45
Re-application   $68
Adding Gel to a Mani or Set of Fusion Gel  add $15

Gel Toes   $45
Gel Toe Reapplication $50
Adding Gel Toes to a Pedi    add $20

IBX Nail Repair Treatment

From $7

IBX is an in-salon Repair treatment used on natural nails, that works inside the nail, not on top, like most conventional hardeners.
Used to treat weak, thin and damaged nails, this two part system can also be used as a protective shield under Gel Polish.

Mini Mani with IBX Repair treatment     $30
Package Deal – Buy 5 Treatments for $120
Add IBX to Gel Polish    Add $15
Add IBX to Gel Polish Refill $7