Keep your lashes and brows on point all year round. Shape, brush, trim, cut, curl, tweeze, perm, dye, wax, lengthen, enhance, lighten, darken, thicken – we do it all.

Lash Lift

From $60

Lash Lifts use Silicon Rods instead of traditional perm rollers to give more of. lifting effect from the base of the eyelash.
Just one 30min treatment is all it takes to deliver gorgeous lifted lashes that retain their curl for up to 12 weeks.
Benefits of a Lash Lifts…
*Silicon Rods allow perfect positioning of Lashes
*Lifts lashes from the roots
*Reduces over-curling of lashes
*Creates the illusion of longer lashes
*Suitable for short or long lashes
*A great alternative to lash extensions

Patch Test ( a compulsory, one-off, 1st time allergy test) $15
Lash Lift $60
Lash Lift & Lash tint $75

Package Deal
Lash Lift, Lash Tint, Brow Shape, Brow Tint $95

Brow Lamination (Lift)

From $50

Brow lift is used to “set” your brow hairs to a desired shape, holding this look for up to 4-8 weeks.

A Lift can give a fluffier, fuller brow shape, or to correct curly hair to straight or fill out a flattened Cowlick brow. This will change your hair direction to where ever you wanted to go.

Add to this a hybrid tint at the time of treatment to enhance the colour and depth for even longer.

Brow Lift (1st treatment) 1hour $85
includes mapping brow shape, lift treatment, take-home treatment & hybrid colour tint
Add brow shape $10
Once off patch test $10

Standard Brow Lift 45mins $50
Add hybrid tint $10
Add brow shape $10

Henna Brows

From $40

Henna Brows is an ideal colour treatment for clients with sparse eyebrows & for those who prefer a semi-permanent alternative to eyebrow tattooing.
With skin stain that gives depth and lasts for up to 2 weeks & hair colour that lasts for up to 4 weeks, this is the ultimate Brow colour treatment.

Henna Brow tint 30mins $40
Henna Brow tint & Brow shape 45mins $55


From $15

Lash & Brow Tinting is a colour service that uses semi-permanent vegetable dye to enhance the appearance of colour shape and thickness.
Results vary, lasting 3-6 weeks.

Eyelash Tint $25
Eyebrow Tint $15
Eyebrow Shape $20

Essential Eye Package $55
– Lash tint, Brow tint, Brow shape