Cosmetic Tattooing

  • Why do I need a Consultation first?

    At your initial consultation we will assess your brows for the best procedure, discuss your current concerns and your desired shape.

    At this point, all the necessary documentation to approve go-ahead (for your health AND safety regulations) will be completed.

    Your initial consultation must be a minimum of 3 days prior to your procedure.

  • What is the procedure and aftercare process

    Procedure Day
    Arrive to the appointment with anaesthetic creme applied.
    We measure, map and finalise shape, style and colour, then go ahead with your new brows.

    Please note: We do not shave or remove all of your natural brows. Keeping your natural hairs will help blend feather/ hair-strokes and shading, more naturally).

    Aftercare & Touch-up
    Your aftercare whilst healing is very important. So as to achieve the best results, we provide you with an Aftercare Kit, with strict guidelines to follow.

    We recommend a touch-up visit 3-6 weeks after your procedure, so as we can re-touch and build up colour pigment as required. This can take 1-3 touch-up treatments as everyone holds colour differently.

    Once satisfied, your completed procedure should last 10-24 months

  • What is the healing process?

    You may be a little red/swollen immediately after, however this will dissipate quickly.

    We ask that you avoid ALL swimming, spa, sauna, sunbathing etc and heavy sweating exercise for approx 1 week so as to achieve the best healing results.

    Over the first 1-2 weeks, as they dry and heal, your brows will flake off a portion of the colour.

    This is a normal part of the healing process and is the reason why a touch up 3-6 weeks after your procedure, is so important.

  • Will it hurt to tattoo my brows?

    You will be surprised that it actually isn’t as painful as you think!

    It can be a little uncomfortable but definitely bearable with the use of topical anesthetic numbing cremes.

Nail Removal

  • What do I need to remove my Gel/Acrylic/SNS Nails nicely?

    To be kind to your nails and remove them without damage you will need:

    • Old hand towel to protect your table surface
    • Paper towel & cotton pads
    • Your files
    • Nail brush
    • Cuticle oil
    • Soak off remover (ours or yours, but must be acetone-based) & alfoil wraps
    • Wooden cuticle stick or metal cuticle pusher, & nail clippers
    • Wheat bag or hair dryer to speed up soak time
    • Base & Top coat nail polish (no colour just yet), or nail treatment of choice (eg. Revitanail)
    • Hand Creme… for a bit of loving to finish
    • And of course… Your nails!
  • What is the best way to remove my nails?

    1. Firstly remove any nail polish that you may have used to colour-match, to recently extend the life of you gel nails.
    2. Clip, cut or file down all your nails to a short, comfy length using your most “toothy” black file no’3 .
    3. Use the same file (being nice to your cuticles) and file down your shiny gel topcoat & your colour coats till you hit your clear base layers (or near enough).
    4. Dust off all cuticles, nails & hands with soft nail brush. Apply cuticle oil on skin around nail area, to help with dryness.
    5. Starting with your non-dominant hand only…. Soak the pad of your nail wrap with remover, wrap your 5 nails, tightly, one by one. Now set your timer for 15 mins. Laying a hot wheat bag on your nails now will help emulsify the gel faster.
    6. Remove your thumb wrap gently. Use your cuticle stick/pusher to gently “scratch” away the softened product. Black file no.3 will also file through softened gel well. It’s important not to use this file on your natural nail…too harsh. Do this until you reach hard gel that needs more soaking, then put your nail wrap back on and move to 2nd – 5th nail. Soak all 5 nails for a further 5-10 mins as required. As you remove your wraps this time, use your soft grey/white buff file no.2 to gently buff off remainder. Repeat steps 1-6 on your other hand.
    7. File your natural nails into a short shape, remembering a more square/ squoval shape will be a little stronger
    8. Finish by gently washing hands and new nails. Then on a dry nail, apply 1 x base coat and 2 x top coat. When dry, apply cuticle oil and hand creme, remembering to nourish your nails daily, at the very least. Apply another coat of top coat everyday, until its peeling or looks tacky, then remove nail polish, starting again with a quick reshape, then base & top coats.
    9. Initially your nails will feel like they’ve spent 6 months in a bath, so will feel very soft and bendy. During the first week you will feel them strengthen a little, like drying out after the bath. Your nails will continue to strengthen over the next couple of months, with your ongoing care of regular filing & coating with polish, very regular hand creme use AND use of gloves when cleaning and gardening.


    The health of your nails are now in your hands…..no pressure!

    If you hit any stumbling blocks, I’m just a call/text away.